Monday, 20 July 2015

Reflections - RH

Technology is not a solution for curriculum - to determine what students ought to study. However, it is an important consideration as digital technology is an increasing part of our environment that we live, work and play. Part of what students will need is the ability to survive - remain safe - in the digital environment. There needs to be a mental model for children to understand the digital environment and how to behave accordingly. More importantly, we'll need wisdom to achieve a balance between hope and despair for the future. Wisdom doesn't come with a manual, but we could look back and learn from History how civilisations have dealt with changes to society.

My thoughts - learning in a digital age


Reaffirmed that it is important to understand the fundamentals of the tools and the eco system before designing lessons.  Creating a culture of support rather than blame will help students to thrive better.

1. Leaders need the moral courage to do what is right, even if it is hard and not popular

2. A leader has walked the roads of the student (this Principal came from a poor background, a school that is not a school) and thus felt passionately for the students. If she can break out from poverty, so can her students.

Yang Cherng's Thoughts

We talked about cyberwellness and the importance of teacher-student relationship this morning. These conversation were mostly teacher-centric.

It seems that parents are missing from the conversation.

What are their roles?
How can we get them involved?
What can/should they do?

There is abundant information outside the classroom in the networked world. Students can leverage technology to learn and tap community knowledge in the digital world. Teachers need to connect with their students and design learning that is relevant to them, and enable them to take responsibility of their learning.

Leaders in Digital Literacy

Leaders in Digital Literacy must go through the phases of a learner, problem solver and reflective practitioner. Without these stages, the progress to becoming a leader will be stunted. Similarly, the same space and free time must be given to learners in digital literacy. Let the learners try, let them experiment and let them explore.